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Grab a custom paintball gun and ammunition, board our troop transport vehicle, and head straight into ground zero to help fight off the zombie apocalypse! Get ready for the ride of your life as you combat ravenous zombie hordes, helicopter gunfire, and more in the most theatrical and technologically advanced attraction around.

July 26th - August 3rd, 2019

Valley West Mall, Des Moines

Fridays & Saturdays – 8pm-Midnight

Sunday thru Thursday – 9pm-11pm


Standard Ticket

Valley West Location
$ 24
  • Parking
  • Admission to Event at Selected time
  • Practice Paintballs at Shooting Gallery
  • Admission to Zombie Hunt Ride
  • 60 Blacklight-reactive “Night Sight” Paintballs
  • Commemorative Green Screen Photo-op
  • Additional Paintballs (cash only while on the ride)

VIP Ticket

Valley West Location
$ 34
  • Parking
  • Admission to Event at ANY time on the night of your choosing
  • Practice Paintballs at Shooting Gallery
  • Admission to Zombie Hunt Ride
  • 60 Blacklight-reactive “Night Sight” Paintballs
  • Additional Paintballs (2 extra refills, total of 180 rounds)
  • Commemorative Green Screen Photo-op

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About the Hunt


Your experience begins with a paintball shooting gallery so you can practice your aim. Then, head into our briefing tent to get caught up on the latest need-to-know information along with some tips to help ensure you make it out alive. Once you’re fully prepared, board one of our custom “Zombie Eradication Vehicles” where you will be equipped with your own weapon to fight off the living dead. Once your ride is over, head out to our commemoration tent to have your picture taken at one of our green screen photo-op stations, then emailed to you as proof of your adventure.


Your ticket includes parking, admission to the event at the time listed, a tube of practice paintballs for use at our automated shooting gallery, admission to the main zombie hunt ride, 60 blacklight-reactive “night sight” paintballs, and commemorative green screen photo-op. Additional “night sight” paintballs are available to purchase on-ride.


Your transport vehicle driver will navigate you through a massive labyrinth-like maze while you shoot at live zombies and anything else you feel like covering with paint. Each seat is equipped with a custom paintball gun and an ultraviolet spotlight that illuminates our specially formulated paintballs. This not only gives the paintballs a  “tracer round” effect when leaving the barrel, but also splatters blacklight reactive paint all over whatever you aim at! Your experience is made to be hyper-realistic with audio and video effects, a state-of-the-art sound system, computerized lighting, fog, and many other special effects both onboard the vehicle and throughout the attraction.


Hunt of the Living Dead is the most theatrical and technologically advanced zombie paintball attraction in the country. In addition to being one of the few attractions to utilize double-sided transport vehicles, we focus on using theme park style special effects and media to create the most hyper-realistic experience available. Each transport vehicle is equipped with video monitors, a 3,000 watt sound system, subwoofers, LED ultraviolet spot lights, computerized lighting and air control systems, and many other onboard special effects. We use approximately ONE HUNDRED (depending on location) shipping containers as well as hundreds of individual props and set pieces to create an elaborate maze-like labyrinth for our vehicles to navigate through. Additionally, your experience include an automated practice shooting gallery and even a green screen photo-op after the ride.


Will paintballs be shot at me?

Although this is a paintball based event, paintballs will NOT be shot at you.

Will I get any paint on me?

While paintballs will not be shot at you, there is always a possibility of paint splatter. Our paintballs are made with a food grade vegetable oil and UV pigment, both of which should easily wash out of clothes.

Is this a family friendly event?

Yes, this event is fun for everyone! Keep in mind, this is a zombie themed event with loud noises and visuals that may be frightening for younger guests.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

While we do not have a minimum age requirement, all guests must be able to sit in their own seat and fire their own paintball gun. Our guns are attached to special mounts that don’t allow them to be pointed anywhere they shouldn’t be, so it’s a great way for kids to participate in the experience without worrying about the normal inherent dangers of paintball.

How scary is it?

The event is dark, loud, and intense at times. Sudden noises and actions may frighten younger guests, however, many guests feel that the interactive nature of the event makes them feel more “in control” and less frightened.

Will I be shooting at live actors?

Yes, among other things, you will be firing at LIVE (undead) zombies!

When should I arrive?

Your ticket is valid for admission for 30 minutes beginning at the time you selected when purchasing. For example, if you purchased a ticket for 9:00pm, you may enter the main attraction between 9:00pm-9:30pm. Our automated practice shooting gallery and green screen photo-op may be experienced at any time with a valid ticket.

How much is parking?

Parking is always free! Please do not leave any valuable items in your vehicle, as we are not responsible for any damage or theft while onsite.

Do I need my own paintball gun?

No. In fact, outside paintball guns ARE NOT allowed on site. Our custom paintball guns are made to work with our specially formulated UV reactive paintballs and shells.

How long should I plan on being there?

Depending on crowds, your entire experience can take 20-30 minutes or more. Arriving toward the beginning of your time slot is a good way to ensure you don’t spend much time in line.

Why should I buy tickets online?

Many nights sell out ahead of time. Purchasing tickets in advance ensures you can attend on the night and time of your choosing.

Are tickets available at the event?

Some tickets may be available at the event, depending on availability. A limited number of tickets are sold for each time slot, with many time slots and even nights selling out in advance.

Is the event handicap accessible?

Our automated shooting gallery and green screen photo-op are both handicap accessible. Due to the nature of the transport vehicles, the main ride is not handicap accessible. Guests able to transfer out of their wheelchair to board the vehicle may ride with priority seating.

How many paintballs are included with my ticket?

Your tickets includes 60 of our UV reactive “Night Sight” paintballs. Additional paintballs are available for purchase once onboard the transport vehicle for $5.00/60 paintballs. Keep an eye on our facebook page, webpage, and local businesses for a coupon valid for an additional 60 paintballs!

Can I purchase additional paintballs?

Yes, our UV reactive “Night Sight” paintballs are available for purchase onboard each transport vehicle for $5.00/60 rounds.